Pitched Roof Experts in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Among the flat roofs of Southwestern adobe homes and businesses, you may want the traditional look of a pitched roof. At Hollywood Roofing, that’s no problem. We partner with experienced general contractors to install new pitched roofs, recover old ones, and provide regular maintenance and repair service to keep them in peak condition.

We Work at Any Angle

The pitch of pitched roofs varies widely, but the expert roofers at Hollywood Roofing can work on them all. Every member of our roofing crew has more than ten years of experience. They adhere to safety guidelines and precautions, and because they do, our insurance carrier allows us to take jobs on steeply pitched roofs that many of our competitors pass up.

We Use the Best Pitched Roof Coverings

Pitched roofs provide the most versatility in covering material. You can use shingles, tile or metal, and no matter what you choose, Hollywood Roofing ensures your roof is covered with the highest quality materials.

We use products from brands with a reputation for durability in the roofing industry, including:

For shingle and tile roofs, we use high-quality underlayment to provide superior water resistance, and we offer regular maintenance on all types of pitched roof coverings.

We Provide Pitched Roof Wrap-Arounds

Pitched roofs are designed to facilitate drainage, so they require other run-off fixtures. Hollywood Roofing provides everything you need, including:

Contact us to start your roofing project with a free estimate for a new roof, roof repair or roof replacement. We serve residential and commercial customers in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM areas.

Star Quality at an Affordable Price

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