Roofing Inspections in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The professionals at Hollywood Roofing lend their expertise to home and business owners, real estate agencies and more by providing reliable inspections. We conduct thorough inspections to identify roofing needs and help you get the quality roofing services you need.

Roofing Inspections for Insurance Claims

The licensed roofers at Hollywood Roofing are happy to help you seek full coverage from your insurance company for roof damage. We can perform a thorough inspection and submit a damage report, pictures and estimate to your insurance company. However, we prefer to perform an inspection and conduct a walk-through with your insurance adjuster to help them understand what repairs (or roof replacement) are needed to minimize future roofing issues.

Roofing Inspections for Real Estate Assessments

Hollywood Roofing performs thorough inspections for home and business owners or real estate agents putting their properties on the market. We identify issues that need immediate attention in order to pass inspection. We can also identify issues that may cause problems in the future so that potential buyers are aware of roofing improvements they can expect to make. All inspections are followed-up with a detailed report and pictures.

Roofing Inspections for Estimates and Maintenance

Hollywood Roofing always takes the time to thoroughly check the condition of an existing roof before preparing an estimate or suggesting a maintenance schedule. We provide free estimates and will be honest about whether roof repair or replacement is your most cost-effective option.

What Happens after Your Roofing Inspection

No matter what you need a roof inspection for, you can always call on Hollywood Roofing to fix any issues we discover. Our experienced crew work on every type of residential and commercial roof. We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials, workmanship and product we deliver.

Contact us to schedule a roofing inspection and get a free estimate for residential or commercial roof repair.

Star Quality at an Affordable Price

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