Residential & Commercial Roof Maintenance in Albuquerque, New Mexico

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is absolutely true for the roof of your home or business. Hollywood Roofing provides regular roof maintenance to help you extend the longevity of your roof and minimize expensive repairs.

Why Roof Maintenance Is So Important

New Mexico’s high desert climate is hard on roofs. Natural elements breakdown roofing materials. For instance:

  • Rain and snow introduce moisture, which can rot decking, foster mildew growth and damage insulation.
  • Sun (UV exposure and heat) breaks down all roofing materials, especially oil-based products.
  • Wind pulls shingles away from the roof, exposing the underlayment where it will deteriorate faster.

You cannot prevent natural wear resulting from the climate. However, you can prevent repairable damage from getting worse. By catching small issues before they lead to water leaks or significant deterioration can save you thousands of dollars on roof repair or early roof replacement.

Customized Roof Maintenance Plans

Roof maintenance by Hollywood Roofing is customized to meet the needs of your building and roofing type. In general, we recommend:

However, the licensed, experienced roofers will conduct an initial inspection and may recommend modifications to maintenance intervals.

All roof maintenance checks involve thorough inspections and minor repairs. If we find issues that need more extensive repairs or measures that can troubleshoot future problems, we will prepare a free estimate for roofing services.

Roof Maintenance and Warranty Coverage

Hollywood Roofing offers extensive warranties on materials and workmanship of new roofs. In order to comply with warranty terms, residential and commercial customers must adhere to recommended roof maintenance schedules.

While Hollywood Roofing does provide roof maintenance service for roofs that we did not install, we cannot cover them with our warranty.

Contact Hollywood Roofing to stay on top of roof maintenance.

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